New Lost

Have a great night? Sure delicious foods and interesting people will boost you! I had a great night when we reached Kota Kinabalu. It must be had excited plans. You know B.E.D ? Best Entertainment Destination! One of the best clubbing place.. and yaa I lost my lip liner Mac-Whirl *sad face* when its time its time right? Hmm what can I do.



IMG_0480We were by road to go there.. We are crazy! I admit it too. But I know how to go there, I recognised the road. Even a small corners.. where you should stop, slow down, dangerous road and small road. How we couldn’t stop took nice view of Mount Kinabalu, Ranau.

Wefie! We were dine at Upperstar at Kg. Air and only this were 24 hours open so we can chill. Easy to find but hard to find a parking. If stay at Hyatt Regency Kinabalu Hotel, just near there. Next time I will post about BED, stay tune..

 Everyday is a learning process



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