Sapi Island

Hi, how are you? Sure god have plans for you too.. I was at Kota Kinabalu for 3 days. I had function at Nexus Karambunai Resorts on the next day, so I decided to went a day trip to Sapi Island.

untitledA half day on the road about 400km to reach, and now were here at Jesselton point.

untitled (2)Reached Jesselton Point Kota Kinabalu Jetty. Its hard to choose the counter to buy tickets. Don’t worry their all take you the same destination. Just different price! Take our life jacket and woogle mask.. I remembered that some guy made an eye contact lightning with me, he tried to take my life jacket. I made it first so sorry slow poke. Hehe thank you gentleman. And our boat were called us. I was a little bit scared actually! But I’m the one who had experience on ocean.

untitled (3)Ready guys? ” where is me? ” don’t expect much. I’m taking pictures so there are less me here. I had a lot of picture, I don’t know if u can handle it.. I’ll bet you want a video right.

untitled (4)I don’t know I can make it or not, but I’ll tried my best. I’m still learning here. We registered with Beach Bums Borneo. They are in Mandarin Chinese language, suitable for chinese traveller.

untitled (5)I’m so relief when I see the Gaya Island jetty. Finally land on land. Terrified on boat. Sure can find your own place to chill. We decide to follow them, their ready for traveller a large canopy , and it will be safe if left our stuff their if we’re went water sport! They are very friendly. The most unforgettable words are-

Malay guide : Ni men ming bai hua yue ma? / do you understand chinese?

We : ming bai aa.. / yes we do..

Malay guide :  Ching wen Ni men chong na li lai de? / May I know where you from?

We : wo men shi sabah ren, zhe li ren.. /  We’re from Sabah, from here.

Malay guide : Na jiu hao, zhi ji ren.. Sabah zui nan ren! Chan? / That’s great, local.. Hard to recognise Sabah people! Mix blood?

We : Yes hahaha!

untitled (6)We’re will start with Banana boat and follow by Parasailing and Flying Fox. But so sad we doesn’t have plenty of times to do that, so we kick that flying fox because it will end in 6 second from Gaya Island to Sapi Island. Actually need 30 minutes to climb top and take time to line up.

IMG_0071Sapi Island on the left and Gaya Island on the right.


IMG_0218We choose to let ourselves fall into the ocean,  so deep and dark ocean.. Really in the middle of nothing, just ocean.. 3 times falling! Can you imagine that, if you had gust to do that. I LOST MY LENS THERE! hurtful but unforgettable moment.

IMG_0226Thanks to our Sarawakian friends that helped us take many picture. God bless you.. Forgot to mention the second times we fall, I was been kick by my friend knee on my face.. On the cheek bone! Half purple green on the right side face.. Ya we saw wild boar on the Sapi Island too.. while we hunting foods.. Just kidding, we on our way to the canteen.. Be patient, because we waited for hours there.. Times tick tocking guys.. To continue Parasailing!

I afraid of heights but once in a lifetime right? And this is not first time so relax up there.. In a few minutes start yeah quiet scary, but until you relax.. you just don’t want this to end. 30 minutes up there.. just continue to snorkelling and float on the ocean.. Be careful of the sea urchin spines. And we’re back at 4pm to Kota Kinabalu.


untitled (12)untitled (13)

untitled (24)untitled (14)


untitled (15)untitled (16)untitled (17)

Processed with VSCOcam with a5 preset


untitled (20)untitled (21)untitled (22)Then my friends, thanks for visiting and reading 🎈

Sincerely, Dyanne 🌙






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