Sweet Corn & Soto Makassar

Are you alright? My head stuck a few songs. They are Mas Idayu – Goyang Bali and The Vamps – Wake up. I will link below and I’ll tell you why their awesome. Back to the title, sound delicious right? Its major haha up there.. You can’t found delicious than here, I think only available in Lahad Datu. I’m not see in anyplace yet, I mean Sabah.

Totally West of Malaysia doesn’t have this. Bah.. You can see how moist it is and melt on your mouth! Surely, I’m not going without a bunches of selfie hahaha. Feel wanted to wear denim. So I dressed myself a black high waist, ocean blue light blue over-size denim jacket and a pair of slip on floral sneaker, here called Kung Fu Shoes.


  1. Meehun , ketupat dadu, ayam hiris, macaroni, bawang goreng
  2. Sup kunyit daging
  3. After put some sambal ‘ Lahad Datu Famous Sambal’
  4. Finish hahaha

This is not look like any soto. Definitely recommend this if you around Bandar Perdana. Restauran Soto Makassar 2! If go there almost every table order this soto, either beef or chicken. By the way my mom take away to me. So yeahh..

About the songs, I tell u next time okay?

Delicious foods make us happy, eat still we can.


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