Boost Energy

Good Morning 😊 Play your wale up song! and I’m start my day with boost energy drink, something green. It blends with Botanical Beverage mix apple with kiwi, guava and Oligosaccharides. Drink before 15 minutes breakfast and go to bed. It comes with packages with a shake bottle.


Its good for clean ‘usus’ intestine, beside its green so will get a clear soft skin, help balance our diet.. Even I’m not a fan of vegetables, but I need to eat green. Lastly, of course easy to make your day a little bit lighter than usual day. Don’t complain if always go to the washroom. Their all need to flush it off your dustbin.


This is after shake it. To prepare it mist be 200ml room temperature water, add package, its powder so no worry. Shake it till blend. It feel like you become healthier after drink this, enough of vitamins. Recommend to bloated, lake of vegetables, boots energy, less to go to washroom, too long in the washroom too and a healthier body skin.


At the end in our day, we only have our healthy body.



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