Mood Swing Piggy

I had a unstable mood swing this week, craving desert, grilled chicken chop, and holiday. Like I’ve been drowned. Eager to arrange my room, need a whole new summertime clothes, mixing Vintage-Style in it. Learning trending make up look and need some inspiration for this  Chinese New Year. Yeah I knew… Its all about the mood..

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset
Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Its good to take fresh air outside the house with some friends right? They are just so enjoy to hangout with. Is a must to eat something sweet.. like Cake! Their all time favourite.. so we decided to went Secret Recipes.


There got FREE top up Rm2 for drinks if order one cake. Its a good deal right! So three of us ordered three cakes that are durian cake, hi-fibre and absolute chocolate ( i love some bitter). Only weekdays!

APPS that’s I want to talk about. Is camera 360, just found that their also had some cite stuff like detect face and make you a pig and bunny and bow and wig. Its funny! Try it!

I end my day with Chicken Salad with Hazelnut Coffee and warm water at One & Only Bar


Sincerely My Selfie,

Tell me if interesting with my contact lens, by the way this is Dreamy Gray.



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